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“I would have lost heart, unless I had believed that I would see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living.” - Psalm 27:13

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Plan, Invest, Live…#6 Too much of one stock? A case study…

Posted on by Chris Landry •

Plan, Invest, Live…#6 Too much of one stock? A case study… A client recently came to me with their investments, and unfortunately too much of it was in one stock. Yikes! I asked and was granted permission to share the story so that others could learn from this. Obviously, I’ll leave out the names for privacy. There are two lessons we’ll get to from this situation. Here’s a quick definition that you should get to know. The phrase is “concentrated position”, and it has nothing to do with juice! When someone has a stock that dominates the portfolio risk and return, we call this a “concentrated position” in the financial planning industry. This means the portfolio is not much of a portfolio. The “portfolio” is really going to behave just like that one stock. If the price goes up, that’s great, you’ll likely benefit from that move in the stock…

Plan, Invest, Live #4…Investing Basics

Posted on by Chris Landry •

Plan, Invest, Live…Invest like you are tending a garden. Investing takes patience. In this world of instant food, entertainment, success… instant everything. It is hard to be patient with the world screaming at us from all sides, “Now, now, now.” Patience is hard. We multi-task everything. I read…on the treadmill, two things at once. And when necessary discipline some children at the same time too. That’s three things at once. Which means I am probably doing none of those well. I usually have the timer set on my phone to move the sprinkler (that’s four) since the house we are in now does not have a sprinkler system yet, and I also usually have either the washer or dryer going…usually both. I guess this is one of the perks (distractions?) of working from home. Today, I worked from the doctor’s office. That was a first. I didn’t want to waste…