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“I would have lost heart, unless I had believed that I would see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living.” - Psalm 27:13

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Plan, Invest, Live…#5 Learn from the Mistakes of Others

Posted on by Chris Landry •

A recent visit with a client revealed the deep regret they have because their college savings for their children had not grown very much, yet it has been invested for many years. They gave me permission to share the story so that others won’t make the same mistake, but I’ll keep their identities a secret as I promised. What happened? Seventeen years ago when their son was born they began to save for college. They were excited parents, and also very diligent parents and good savers. They want a brighter future for their kids and greater opportunity. The couple met with their advisor who set them up with a college savings account so that many years down the road, aiming for Spring 2018, the funds would be ready to be used to pay for college expenses. They invested faithfully over all those years, however, they neglected to meet regularly with…

Plan, Invest, Live #4…Investing Basics

Posted on by Chris Landry •

Plan, Invest, Live…Invest like you are tending a garden. Investing takes patience. In this world of instant food, entertainment, success… instant everything. It is hard to be patient with the world screaming at us from all sides, “Now, now, now.” Patience is hard. We multi-task everything. I read…on the treadmill, two things at once. And when necessary discipline some children at the same time too. That’s three things at once. Which means I am probably doing none of those well. I usually have the timer set on my phone to move the sprinkler (that’s four) since the house we are in now does not have a sprinkler system yet, and I also usually have either the washer or dryer going…usually both. I guess this is one of the perks (distractions?) of working from home. Today, I worked from the doctor’s office. That was a first. I didn’t want to waste…

Plan, Invest, Live #2…Planning…and Pickles

Posted on by admin •

Plan, Invest, Live… For this episode we’ll be talking about planning. Not practice, as the famous Allen Iverson talked about “Practice? We (are) talking about practice?” Planning is hard. But it’s worth it. That’s probably the greatest understatement of my life right there…Planning is hard, but it’s worth it. I think saying, “Those pickles are good” was a pretty big understatement. I am referring to the most amazing pickles on the planet from Kitchen Kettle Village in Lancaster, PA from our 2011 family roadtrip/food-cation. Get the Perfect Pickle Chips when you are there, or order them online here (…you will thank me later. If you are pregnant and order cases of them you’ll still thank me, but your husband may not. Sorry for the pickle distraction…I was writing about planning before my brain went “SQUIRREL!” I hope that happens to you as much as it happens to me. I happen…

Plan, Invest, Live #1 How Visionary Got Started

Posted on by admin •

How did we get to the place where you are reading this, and I wrote it? I am no author. At least not yet. But you can bet if I ever write a book and then some one asks me what I do for a living I’ll make sure to raise one eyebrow higher than my other one and say in my deepest possible voice “I am an AUTHOR. I also help people plan, invest, and live.” Perhaps that story will one day be written, but for now I’ll stick to the original question. How did we get here? You and I connected by paper and pen (or some sort of binary code thingy that has not yet fully replaced paper and pen, but it is well on its way) It’s a great story. Let me tell you what happened. To use a film term, this is Episode 1 (StarWars…